Pavo Jurkic

Pavo is a proud Croat, a father of two, a poker connoisseur, and a gamer. He’s pushing 30, though he already claims he’s an old soul. What’s up with that? We’ll have to ask him during our next staff meeting.

Here are a few short lines that will help you understand Pavo’s story:

  • Pavo has written over 500 gambling-related articles over the last 9 years, on a wide array of gambling blogs and affiliate sites.
  • He’s well-versed in casino topics and knows the ins and outs of both sports/esports betting as well as casino gambling.
  • Pavo’s portfolio of articles includes reviews, guides, gambling tutorials, and gaming-specific informational pieces.
Pavo Jurkic

College of Slavonski Brod


Esports Betting and iGaming Content Creator

What Led Me to Start a Career in Online Gambling?

It’s simple; Pavo’s career choice was driven by a passion for esports betting, online slots, and gambling in general. It’s safe to say that gambling is in his veins. He comes from an Eastern European background which has always been a fruitful environment for gambling. It just came naturally to him.

Pavo started writing his first betting/gambling pieces back in 2016. It was a small-scale operation at first. However, his expertise quickly proved to be a hit on gambling-related blogs and associated forums.

The next step was quite obvious. As soon as he finished college, Pavo started writing on gambling-related blogs full-time. Fast forward to 2024, Pavo has developed into a highly versatile gambling writer with almost a decade of experience in the industry. Long story short, if you’re looking for an experienced veteran’s opinion, Pavo is your man!

Several Tips for Our Readers

  • Explore a Variety of Casinos

    Pavo has been a regular at online casinos for almost a decade. It all started with skin gambling, but quickly turned into a passion for slots. If anyone knows the importance of exploring online casinos, it’s Pavo. Comparing the best online gambling platforms and ranking their key features is sometimes just as entertaining as playing actual slots.

  • Consider Every Promo’s T&Cs

    If you’re the type of person who likes to jump from one casino to another, just like Pavo did back in the day, you shouldn’t sleep on promotions… especially welcome promotions that can make quite the difference in your gambling sessions very early on.

  • Practise Responsible Gambling

    Another thing worth emphasising is the importance of responsible gambling. No matter your experience level, following the basics of responsible gambling will do you a world of good. By that, Pavo refers to stuff like reality checks, deposit limits, and wagering limits. If your favourite casino has responsible gambling tools, use them to your advantage!

  • Keep Up-to-Date With Industry Trends

    Pavo strongly recommends aspiring gamblers and bettors keep up with the industry trends. Make sure you’re always up to speed in terms of new game releases, RTP variations, volatility information, and audit details. All these areas can make or break your gambling sessions, so don’t take them for granted.

Pavo’s Answers to Common Queries

  • What is Pavo’s favourite casino game?

    Over the last year or so, I’ve been playing around with Pragmatic Play’s Gates of Olympus. All of my friends are well familiar with this slot and its mechanics, so we’re always on Discord messing around and cheering for Zeus to raise that multiplying hand of his.

  • What to consider when selecting an online casino?

    There’s no clear-cut solution for finding the perfect online casino. In fact, most of us have different preferences as to what exactly makes the perfect gambling platform. The most important factor is the licensing part. Take my advice and make sure you’re playing at a licensed brand. Everything else comes second.

  • Where can I find Pavo’s articles?

    I’ve been around the online gambling and sports betting scene for almost a decade now. I started off on smaller platforms like and Back then, I was writing about esports betting. Just before the pandemic, I switched to a newfound love, online slots. Since then, I’ve been a part of Casino Deps.