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Casino Kingdom is a famous gaming operator launched by Casino Rewards. It is one of the many online sites that are run by this incredible group. With such a strong foundation, you will find that it has plenty to offer all players. Regular promotions and great minimum deposit options all come with the territory.

Casino Kingdom’s span is also great reaching players in various parts of the globe. While still part of the group, it holds its own individuality very well. This helps it set its own standards apart from the tight unit. Taking advantage of Casino Kingdom site will see you getting a good start on your gambling journey.

Casino Rewards' Casino Kingdom: Information

It’s always important to know a bit about a platform before you commit your time to it. Some information is likely to be more pertinent than others. But, it’s also helpful to have these crucial features in bitesize snippets. This way your time is better spent skimming through and gaining what you need. This section is designed to do just that, making it easy for you to know the key points of this online casino. Your time will then be better spent playing and experiencing the platform.

Chance to Become a Millionaire

Gamblers like to have the chance to win. It is not a greedy aspiration to have when you realise the potential of wealth that can come from winning a jackpot. That is how many players have become instant millionaires. The site has plenty of progressive jackpots which can be won with just a small coin spin.

Partners with Microgaming

Software providers are known to be particular when it comes to partnering up. With their reputation at stake, it’s important their games and software are housed in the right iGaming vault. This is the case here. The casino site is partnered with Microgaming under the Casino Rewards umbrella.

Licensed by Kahnawake

Status in the iGaming world is not only about who owns whom but for their licensing. Players can trust a casino that is backed by a great licensing body like Kahnawake. Their rigorous process means that an online casino has to be top-notch to make the grade. And as a holder of this license, Casino Kingdom qualifies.


  • Who owns Casino Kingdom?

    Casino Rewards group is the owner of Casino Kingdom. It falls under its licensing umbrella but still stands firm on this solid foundation. Players can enjoy a gaming experience that is unique to this online casino. It is also a very safe platform, with great KYC procedures to accompany its minimum deposit offering.

  • When the Casino Kingdom was launched by Casino Rewards?

    Casino Kingdom is a golden oldie and was launched in 2002. Such a history is greatly appreciated in the iGaming world. The cutthroat nature usually means many online casinos have a very hard time surviving. Standing the test of time while remaining relevant to the modern gambler is a sign of a solid gambling platform.

  • What is the best feature of Kingdom Casino?

    A small deposit amount is one of the best features that Kingdom Casino has to offer players. Your gambling budget is given a boost with the promotion, but the top-up is friendly to all players. It also offers great customer support which is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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