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Nostalgia Casino is one of the first gambling projects by Casino Rewards company. Casino Rewards Group was established in 1999, and it has been a major online casino provider. It has provided 28 casinos, after Nostalgia Casino. The casino's name comes from the nostalgia gamblers might feel toward real-life casinos.

However, it tries its best to provide an authentic casino experience from the comfort of your home. So what makes this gambling site so good? The casino offers great rewards to VIP players and some great bonuses for everyone. But, let us tell you all about the rest in the following sections.

Nostalgia Casino by Casino Rewards: Information

Any casino’s best and worst features can make or break it for potential players. However, this gambling site operates under Casino Rewards, which means that it surely has a lot to offer. There are many great features to it, but one that will let you down. The casino was a big competitor for many years, and gamblers worldwide adored it. But what sets this casino apart from the rest? Let’s take a closer look at these features.

Download Option Only

It is not a gambling site, but it is a gambling software in actuality. You can play it online and offline. You will not be able to access the casino through a web browser, and it is a download-only software. You would have to install and set it up on your computer to play.

Was Closed in 2020

Unfortunately, in 2022, you cannot access or download this casino anymore. Nostalgia casino was closed in 2020 due to some unresolved issues. Many players faced several issues with games, withdrawals, and a lack of baking methods. Rather than updating it, the Casino Rewards group decided to shut it down.

No Registration for New Clients

One of the things that made this casino so easy to join was that it did not require new players to register. You could play anonymously and secure your personal information because you already installed the software on your computer. The download-only feature eradicated the need to provide your information.


  • Who owns the Nostalgia Casino gambling site?

    Casino Rewards group owned Nostalgia casino until they closed it down in 2020. The group is a prestigious casino and gambling site and software provider. It has launched nearly 30 casinos to this date. They are well known for the premium quality gambling experience for their players.

  • When Nostalgia Casino was launched by Casino Rewards?

    Nostalgia Casino was launched in 2000, soon after the company was established. However, Casino Rewards followed up by launching 29 other casinos ever since. They also decided to close Nostalgia Casino to invest more time and money in newer, more successful casinos they had released. They faced too many player issues and found it a waste to try to restore it.

  • Why did Casino Rewards close Nostalgia Casino?

    Downloadable casinos are not very popular, to begin with. This is part of why Nostalgia Casino was closed down. Most online gamblers prefer accessing a website directly to gamble rather than installing software and setting it up. Moreover, there were a lot of player issues with the casino software, and Casino Rewards Group decided it was best to leave it behind and focus on bettering their newer casino sites.

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