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ecoPayz is an online global payments solution that offers instant, convenient and secure payment services. It is also an e-wallet service that allows for online transactions without providing your personal banking information either. It launched the brand in 2013 with a range of products.

These include ecoAccount, ecoCard, ecoPayz business and merchant accounts, and ecoVirtualcard. It is a widely used e-wallet service for NZ online gamblers because of its convenience and security. You can use it to transfer funds to and from your bank account to any site that accepts Visa and Mastercard. It is also extremely fast and easy to use.

Overview of ecoPayz Payment Method

ecoPayz provides a secure payment method for gamblers and anybody that often makes payments online. You, as a customer, can open up to 10 accounts with over 50 different currencies. It allows you to feel safe while depositing and withdrawing money online. This is without accessing your bank account every time. Even though it is a young company, it has built a name for itself over the past decade. Moreover, it is also the first brand to develop its mobile app, making it especially convenient.

Benefits of ecoPayz for NZ Residents

ecoPayz provides customers with many benefits, so it is a strong competitor to companies as big as PayPal, Neosurf and Neteller. Some benefits include multilingual customer support, business accounts, ecoVoucher and countless rewards for their loyal customers. They offer VIP and affiliate programs and allow you to partner with Western Union. You can also receive bonuses on certain casino sites for using ecoPayz. However, let us look at the biggest benefits this e-wallet service provides.

Quick Payments

If you are looking for instantaneous transactions, this brand gives you just that. You will be able to make immediate deposits, and withdrawals can be processed within a couple of hours only! It is also accepted across all platforms that accept Visa and Mastercard, so you do not need to look for ecoPayz compatible sites every time.

Available for Gambling

As we mentioned above, you will see that there are countless ecoPayz casinos and ecoPayz betting agencies you can enjoy. Many online gamblers prefer using this payment method because it is so easily accessible. You can also win vouchers and extra bonuses when paying or withdrawing with ecoPayz. It makes for a great e-wallet, thanks to the speed of its transactions.

Personal & Business Accounts

ecoPayz offers dedicated accounts for personal use and businesses. They are designed to meet your needs with different transaction limits and other features. Regardless of the type of ecoAccount you open, you can climb up five different levels to obtain bigger benefits and rewards. The higher your ecoAccount level, the more advantageous your ecoPayz e-wallet will be.

Secure Payment Solution

If you’re an online casino player, you know the importance of staying safe and ensuring all your transactions are secure. The e-wallets are encoded with SSL and TLS protocols, and personal data is stored separately. Special servers with superior protection modes are used to store your information, and services are regularly checked and monitored. ecoPayz is an all-rounder solution to securing your payments online.

Drawbacks of ecoPayz for NZ Residents

With all good things come the not so good ones. no matter how big an e-wallet brand might be, you will always find some drawbacks. Therefore, these drawbacks do not have to be the factor that makes you decide against registering with ecoPayz. So, we will tell you more about what you might not like when using an ecoPayz account and e-wallet while you gamble. It would not be an honest review if we were not transparent about its imperfections and flaws.

Customer Service is Slow

The e-wallet currently offers slow customer service. This can be frustrating as an account holder, especially if you need an immediate resolution to a situation. Their competition generally has better customer care in terms of speed. However, maybe because it is such a big brand, its customer support team cannot reach and resolve every complaint fast enough.

No 24/7 Customer Support

Another letdown about the ecoPayz customer support service is that it is unavailable 24/7. They have dedicated working hours, and you will not reach them otherwise. That, coupled with the slow response tendency, makes the customer support services quite disappointing. It could use some work to improve at least, if not make the service available 24/7.

Regular KYC Procedures

KYC procedures verify account holders’ IDs by confirming their personal information. Data such as driver’s license, personal ID, biometrics and proof of address etc are used to verify the customer. Even though it maintains high-security standards, it can be quite hectic and tedious to provide KYC documents repeatedly. Most other e-wallets do not conduct frequent KYC procedures, unlike ecoPayz.

Payment Alternatives to ecoPayz

Although you might enjoy using ecoPayz due to its accessibility, convenience, and security, you might still want to look at other e-wallet services. Some great competitors could better fit you and your online banking needs. Moreover, if you are an online gambler, you might need an alternative accepted at casinos that do not accept ecoPayz. Luckily, you do not need to search any further. In the list below, we have named some of the best alternative e-wallets that are ideal for NZ customers.


  • What is ecoPayz?

    ecoPayz is an online payment service that provides products such as e-wallets, personal/business accounts, cards, vouchers, etc. They are among the most reliable online transaction methods for NZ gamblers. You can obtain different account levels to get bigger benefits and rewards, and bonuses on casino sites.

  • Is ecoPayz available for NZ customers?

    Yes! ecoPayz is available to all NZ residents, and it is extremely secure and convenient to use for online casino sites. You will find that most gambling and betting sites will accept ecoPayz. Even if it is not mentioned, you should know that ecoPayz is accepted anywhere that accepts Visa and Mastercard.

  • How much does it cost to open an ecoPayz account?

    Opening an ecoPayz account does not cost a lot or anything at all. It is completely free to register and open your account. It only takes a few minutes, and you can use an ecoAccount as soon as you make one. You can register on the official ecoPayz website at any time.

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