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Neteller NZ Payments
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Neteller is one of the most trusted and favoured e-wallets all over the globe. It is owned by Paysafe Group, which also owns Skrill and the prepaid Paysafe Card. Lorenzo Pellegrino is the current CEO, and under his watchful eye, Neteller was able to blossom.

It has been designed and upgraded to make online payments convenient and accessible to more people. It is available in 15 languages, undoubtedly used for online international transactions. If you are an online gambler, this might be what you need. The number of sites accepting this payment method grows and soon could be accepted on all casino sites.

Overview of Neteller Online Payments

An eWallet and online transfer service allow money to be transferred between merchants and customers without providing personal banking information. Customers can open a Neteller account in 26 major currencies. You can use the Net+ card to withdraw funds or transfer the balance to your bank account. And you can also load money into your Neteller account via Bank transfer, credit or debit card, or 40 other payment methods. This service also includes instant deposits, but it can vary from one country to another.

Benefits of Neteller for NZ Customers

Since its launch, Neteller has been the go-to payment service for online gamblers and gambling sites. It began processing online gambling payments in July 2000, and most of its revenue comes from gambling sites. Customers with high turnover are offered the Neteller VIP, a premium membership service. It has higher transfer limits and includes a free prepaid Mastercard for members with Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond VIP statuses. It also offers many benefits that make it the top choice for casino players, including:

Easy Sign-Up Procedure

There is a reason this e-wallet service is labelled as convenient. However, the sign-up procedure is also very simple. To create an account, all you have to do is register on the official Neteller website. Then you need to set up your preferences, enter personal information and secure your ID. Once it is linked to your bank account and secured, you can begin using the e-wallet on casino sites.

Use for Online Gambling

Once you’ve made an account, you can use it in Neteller casinos and Neteller betting operators! It is a secure method of depositing and withdrawing your winnings because you do not have to provide your banking details. This means you no longer feel paranoid about conducting online transactions with your credit or debit cards. Almost every NZ casino accepts Neteller.

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

This service also allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency. It is accepted on any crypto platform that accepts Visa and Mastercard. If you are worried about being hacked and losing all your funds, or you do not trust a crypto platform enough, this is your answer. Their cryptocurrency services allow you to exchange fiat currencies for crypto so that you can hold a wider range of interests.

Loyalty Levels and Cashback

Neteller offers loyalty programs such as Kneck and Neteller VIP. If you have a Kneck loyalty membership, you can earn 1 point per $1 and 0.25 loyalty points per $1 transferred to a merchant. The more points you have, the bigger your rewards will be. The Neteller VIP membership has different levels offering higher transaction limits the higher your status is.

Drawbacks of Neteller for NZ Customers

Of course, no online payment service is perfect, and it comes with some drawbacks. Neteller is no exception, and this would not be an honest review without mentioning the negatives. The service’s advantages, disadvantages, and accessibility vary between one country and the next. Generally, it is a great option for online gamblers, but how great is it for NZ casino players? We will explain that in the following pointers, so pay attention before you decide to sign up.

High Payment Fees

Unfortunately, different payment fees apply for transactions or currency conversions. The fee for bank transfer is $10, member wire is $12.75, and the money transfer fee is 2.99% with a $0.50 minimum limit. Mastercard transaction fees are between 0% and 7.5%, but transactions on Merchant sites are 0%. Moreover, there is a monthly fee for memberships, and overall fees for different services vary on your membership status.

No 24/7 Customer Support

If you run into any issues with the Neteller services or e-wallet, you might not be able to get immediate assistance. The company does not offer 24/7 customer support, which you will often find in other e-money transfer services. You could contact customer services, but you will not receive a reply outside of their working hours. It can be a big letdown, especially in urgent situations.

Free Account Only for Personal Usage

An account on Neteller is free as long as it is used for personal use. Moreover, it only remains free if you log in and make a transaction at least once every six months. If you exceed the six months before making a transaction, a $5 (or equivalent) service fee will apply and be drawn from your Neteller funds.

Neteller Alternatives for New Zealanders

If you feel like this service has run its course for you, or you like to keep your options open before choosing a service, you’re in the right place. E-wallets and similar services have become very popular for Kiwi casino site players for ease of use and security. Neteller has some big competitors that very closely match up to or exceed it in their ways. Whether you have used Neteller, you can look into the following alternatives to find the best one for you.


  • What is Neteller?

    Neteller is an online money transferring service that acts as an e-wallet, where you can store your funds separate from your bank account. It is a secure and trusted payment method used all over the globe. You can use it on almost any site that accepts Visa or MasterCard and does not require you to provide your banking details.

  • Can I open Neteller in New Zealand?

    Yes, of course, you can open a Neteller account in New Zealand. It is legal and safe to use, especially on online casino websites. It is very widely used amongst gamblers because it limits the risk of compromising your private and financial information when providing your banking details on unregulated sites.

  • Can Kiwis join Neteller payment for free?

    Yes, all New Zealanders can join Neteller for free but only open a personal account. You also need to log in and make at least one transaction every six months. If a transaction is not made in time, a $5 service fee will be deducted automatically from your Neteller account funds.

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