Casino Age in New Zealand

casino age in New Zealand
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Like every other country, New Zealand also has gambling laws in place. The state regulates the legal gambling age for both land-based casinos and online casinos. The casino age limit for NZ players at local gambling houses is 20 and over.

Online gambling laws are less strict, and the minimum age to join the casino is 18 and over. Those who will break the law may face fines of up to NZ$500. Some online casinos in New Zealand have policies that give trespass notice to underage players, and that can result in a ban from the said casino for an unspecified period.

Whether entering a land-based casino or registering at a gambling site, you must prove you’re of legal age. Most NZ players show their ID or driver’s license when going to their local casino. However, if you’re gambling online, you must send over a copy of these documents and even show your passport. Take a look at the checklist we have prepared below to ensure you have everything you need:

  • NZ or overseas passport
  • NZ or state overseas driver’s license
  • HANZ (Hospitality Association) or Kiwi Access card
  • other ID with a photo, date of birth, issued by a government institution.

Gambling Age Depending on the Game

Sometimes, you think you fulfil the requirements to gamble at a casino because you’re of legal age. However, you might be unaware that some casino games impose their own age limits. So, while you may be 18 and freely able to enter a land-based casino, you still won’t be able to participate in a poker game. Check out the complete list below with age restrictions for each casino game type:

  • Lotto: 18+
  • Pokies: 20+
  • Poker: 20+
  • Sports Betting: 18+
  • Scratch Cards: 18+
  • Online Gambling: 18+

NZ Online Casino Age Limits

Did you know that opening an online casino in New Zealand is illegal? This rule is regulated by the Gambling Act 2003. The Act also imposes an age limit on specific casino games and gambling within the state. However, nothing is stopping NZ players from registering at overseas casinos. That’s because these sites are licensed and regulated by legal bodies. You can check whether an online casino owns a license by scrolling to the bottom of the front page. There, you may see one of the licensing authorities listed below. We also found the minimum age requirement for each, so you don’t have to:

  • Malta Gaming Authority: 18+
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission: 18+
  • Curacao Gaming Authority: 18+
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission: 18+


  • What is the legal age for gambling in New Zealand?

    Both offline and online gambling in New Zealand is regulated by the Gambling Act 2003. To play at a brick-and-mortar gambling facility, you must be 20 years or older. At the same time, online casinos are less strict and require players to be at least 18 to gamble on their sites.

  • What are the penalties for underage gambling?

    Any player who violates the legal-age rule at an NZ casino may face a NZ$500 fine. The customer may be prosecuted and labelled a criminal in more extreme cases. Moreover, any such players will also be banned from entering online casinos sites.

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