NZ Gambling Commission

New Zealand Gambling Commission
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NZ Gambling Commission is an independent authority in New Zealand. It was established to help in the decision making of policies and procedures in gambling. Additionally, they are involved in granting permission to obtain a casino license. They also participate in controlling procedures on internal issues related to gambling and non-casino activities.

All in all, it has a wide range of powers to manage the entire gambling system in NZ. The NZ Gambling Commission acts alongside the government of New Zealand and the Department of International Affairs. These entities regulate the casino industry in NZ. Various well-known casinos are registered with the commission, to provide entertainment to Kiwis.

New Zealand Gambling Commission: General Information
🐣 Established in 2003
🗺 Address Level 2, 41 Bath Street, Parnell, Auckland
📬 E-mail
☎️ Phone Number +64 9 353 7223

The Main Functions of NZ Gambling Regulator

The main function of the NZ gambling regulator is to control all gambling activities, including the growth of casinos. They allow some gambling activities while prohibiting others. Regulation is achieved by licensing regulators, and setting requirements for them to meet. They prevent and minimize any harm that can be caused by gambling. Their task involves establishing that gambling activities are run fairly and openly while ensuring maximum returns that can be put to good use in the community. Regulated parties include gamblers, operators, manufacturers of gambling equipment, clubs and others.

Issuing and Revoking Licences

The commission issues gambling licenses to reputable NZ casinos. The regulator hears applications for licenses from operators and chooses whether to approve them or deny them. This is based on the decision made by the Secretary of Internal Affairs. Forms can be found on their website. The commission is also involved in the renewal and revocation of casino licenses.

Receiving and Solving Complaints

The commission deals with any official complaints related to gambling. They offer dissatisfied players an opportunity to be heard. Players can make complaints to the commission against any operator. The commission then carries out inquiries. This helps to reduce fraud and promotes fairness in games and rewards. Thereby promoting the smooth running of the industry.

Regulating Operators' Activities

It is mandatory for all casinos registered by the commission to follow the rules and regulations set in place. This is to facilitate responsible gambling and minimize the effects caused by harmful gaming. Regulation helps to control the growth of gambling, hence operators are held accountable. This helps the whole community to benefit from this pastime activity.

Overview of NZ Gaming Authority

The government discourages Kiwis from gambling in casinos which have not been licensed. There are clear cut guidelines in the law to provide for honest and fair gambling in New Zealand. The NZ Gaming Authority enforces these gambling regulations. They oversee and review the conduct of gaming operators. They ensure that operators meet the requirements to set up casinos in NZ. Their regulatory framework aims at protecting the rights of players.

Pros of New Zealand Gambling Licence

The New Zealand gambling license is one of the most sought after licenses. Operators who get this license are privy to some of the benefits that it comes with. This license inadvertently benefits players as well. Proper legalisation and management of the industry attract more players. Operators who hold this license can operate in New Zealand. More benefits of this license are:

Affordable Licence Fees

If fees are a concern, there is no need to worry. The commission charges affordable licence fees. To get a license, applicants need to pay a predetermined amount to the government. The current fees charged were set in 2015. The fees are set at appropriate levels. This helps to minimise application costs.

Straightforward Rules and Policies

The current rules and policies related to gambling are easy to understand. This makes it simpler for all stakeholders to understand what is expected of them. Thus, operations are run smoothly. Creating awareness in the industry helps the commission to better enforce rules and policies. The appropriate standards, best practices and specific methods are outlined for all stakeholders.

Lack of Changes

The laws governing gambling in NZ do not change. They also do not vary from one region to another, in the country. This lack of change provides stability to businesses. It helps operators to grow and thrive in the industry due to the predictable nature of the business. Consequently, leading to NZ having a billion-dollar gaming industry.

Cons of New Zealand Gambling Licence

Over the years, the gambling regulator has worked hard to promote a positive gambling environment for Kiwis. Most stakeholders are aware that one of the main things they need to check for in a casino, is whether it is licensed. Though the commission has made a lot of progress in the gaming industry, there are still various areas for improvement. Some of the drawbacks include:

Not User-Friendly Website

The Commission’s website has a poor design. Even though the website is easy to navigate, it is too generic and not intuitively laid out. This is likely to turn off visitors to the site. Users like comfort in details, even in online browsing. Unfortunately, the bad website layout gives the site an outdated look.

Doesn’t Regulate Online Gambling Operators

The NZ online casino market is thriving, even though there is no legislation for online casinos based in New Zealand. This means that no local NZ casinos can legally operate in the country. As a result, Kiwis are using internationally-based casinos. Although they are not regulated by the NZ Gambling Commission, this provision of services is allowed. International casinos are technically legal in NZ.

Outdated Laws

The New Zealand Gambling Commission was established under the Gambling Act of 2003. According to this Act, the only legal forms of online gambling are online lottery games. Moreover, sports betting and online racehorse wagering are available. These can only be accessed through the NZ Racing Board and Lotto NZ websites and apps. At the moment, no plans exist to amend the Gambling Act to legalize online casinos.

Alternatives to NZ Gaming Regulator

As most stakeholders in the iGaming industry know, operators need to partner with a gaming regulator. Since local companies cannot launch online casinos, it means that there are no New Zealand online casinos. Despite the lack of regulation, several trustworthy and reliable operators have entered the NZ market. Internationally licensed casinos allow local gamblers to register on their sites. A large number of these sites have been licensed by other gaming regulators. Luckily for casino operators, different gaming authorities license online casinos to operate worldwide. These include:


  • What is NZ Gambling Commission?

    NZ Gambling Commission holds the power to regulate the gambling system in New Zealand. They hold inquiries related to any issues to do with gambling. They prevent gambling-related crimes within the system and ensure that everything is run legally. They ascertain that unsuitable parties do not enter the gaming industry and compromise its integrity.

  • When was the NZGC launched?

    NZGC was set up under the Gambling Act 2003, as an independent body. Its main goal was to ensure that local rules and regulations were abided by. The commission acquainted stakeholders in the gambling industry with what was expected of them. Currently, the country has a long list of wagering games that are legal to play.

  • What New Zealand Gambling Commission does?

    The New Zealand Gambling Commission puts in place measures to control gambling in NZ. They regulate licensing of casinos, set rules and ensure compliance and enforcement. They make sure that the amount of gambling can be controlled by the government. Furthermore, they oversee gambling activities, so that they happen in fair and controlled environments that are crime-free.

  • Can Kiwis trust NZGC?

    Yes, NZGC is safe and secure, thanks to the strict guidelines that they put in place for operators to meet. The licenses that they issue are some of the best licenses in the gaming industry. While it might have its issues, such as not licensing online casinos, they are a strong and dedicated company.

  • How can I contact the NZ Gambling Commission?

    Customer support is extremely important for any business. The gaming industry is no different. Being able to reach customer support can help customers solve their issues. To contact the NZ Gambling Commission, customers can send an email to Alternatively, call them on +64 9 353 7223. Or send them mail through PO Box 137295, Parnell, Auckland 1052.

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