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Paysafecard is a popular and convenient payment method that originates in Austria. It was established in 2000, and today, it is available for customers from around the world. The Paysafe voucher for New Zealanders requires no bank account to function, which means you can use it completely anonymously.

This prepaid payment method offers vouchers that you can use in various online stores, as well as for online gambling. Keep reading to learn more about the Paysafecard voucher and its positive and negative sides. That's how you can make an informed decision about whether or not this service suits you.

Overview of Paysafecard Payment Method

Using the Paysafecard method is simple and easy. All you have to do is buy a special voucher that features a PIN code made of 16 digits and use it to pay. For more significant amounts, you can combine up to 10 vouchers. Paysafecard has more than 650,000 locations, so finding a retailer won’t be hard. This is a popular payment method, especially for New Zealanders, and it comes with both advantages and disadvantages that we analyse below.

Benefits of PaySafe Card

Paysafecard is a widely used payment method, and it is popular among New Zealanders for a variety of reasons. First of all, registration and verification take much less time than other famous payment methods. But, that’s not all. There are plenty of other benefits of using this service for all kinds of online transactions. Some of the most important ones include:

The Convenience of Use

Paysafecard vouchers are available at supermarkets, gas stations, and many other locations, but you can also buy them online. You don’t need to enter a ton of personal details or connect it to your bank account to make a transaction. Simply purchase a voucher and use the provided 16-digit PIN code when checking out.

Anonymity & Security

If you prioritise your privacy and don’t want to reveal any personal or financial data, then Paysafecard is the perfect payment method for you. Completing a purchase is fast, easy, and secure as you’re not sharing any credit card info or other sensitive details. All you need is the 16-digit PIN code, and you’re good to go.

Accepted Worldwide

Paysafecard is a global leader when it comes to eCash payment methods. The company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and besides being available for Austrians, it also operates internationally and is currently represented in around 60 countries around the world. Over 650,000 locations worldwide currently offer Paysafecard, which means everyone can easily access and use it.

Drawbacks of PaySafe Voucher

As we already explained, Paysafe vouchers are widely used, and people love them because of their benefits. However, nothing is perfect. While the positive sides are numerous, Paysafecard payments have some opposing sides as well. These are just as important to know because they give you a realistic idea of what to expect should you choose this payment option:

Transaction Limits

Looking at the Paysafecard site, you will learn that the limit per payment for both e-vouchers and physical cash vouchers is GBP40. Now, if you want to receive payments from online casino sites directly to your card, you must create a Paysafecard account. Two types of accounts are available – standard and unlimited, and they both come with different limits.

The Number of Platforms Accepting Paysafecard

Unfortunately, the number of online platforms that allow you to pay for goods and services with Paysafecard is limited. The payment method is available for use in Microsoft stores, Spotify, and online casino venues that accept Paysafe vouchers. So, if your chosen site does not offer this option, you will have to search for an alternative.

Slow Customer Support

One of the most significant disadvantages of Paysafecard is the slow customer support. The importance of fast and responsive customer service is paramount, and unfortunately, Paysafecard falls short in that area. If you come across any inconveniences or issues and contact customer support, it will take a while before you get an answer, which is frustrating.

Similar Products to PaySafe Prepaid Card

PaySafe prepaid cards are used by customers that prefer cash payments on the Internet or don’t want to share any of their personal or credit card information online. This is an excellent payment option where you only need to enter a unique card number and PIN code to approve a transaction. Although the service is available in dozens of countries worldwide, many other options are also available. So, if you want to explore more similar products, make sure to check:


  • Is it safe to use a PaySafe voucher?

    Yes, it is entirely safe to use Paysafe vouchers for all online transactions. In fact, Paysafecard is a much safer option than using a credit or debit card because it doesn’t require you to provide any personal or bank information on the Internet.

  • Can NZ residents pay with a Paysafe voucher in offline stores?

    No, NZ residents cannot pay with a Paysafe voucher in offline stores. They can only use Paysafecard for online transactions, such as online shopping and, of course, for online gambling purposes.

  • Are there any additional fees when paying with Paysafecard?

    No, there are no additional fees when you’re paying with Paysafecard. This is a safe and reliable payment method that comes with no hidden fees. It makes it a perfect solution for people who search for a secure way to deposit in online casinos instantly and anonymously.

  • Can I use the PaySafe voucher online?

    Yes, of course, you can use the Paysafe voucher online. There are plenty of sites on the Internet where you can use pay via Paysafecard. It’s simple, fast, safe, and incredibly convenient.

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