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POLi Payment is the leading online debit payment method in Australia. It was launched in 2006, with the most recent version being launched in July 2012. It offers a very secure alternative to some of the biggest online payment services.

POLi facilitates a pay anyone online banking system from a personal bank account to a merchant’s account. It is also one of the fastest payment methods available, with transactions taking up to 60 seconds only to go through. However, to better understand what POLi is and how it can be good for you, let us tell you its benefits, services and pros and cons.

Overview of POLi Payments

It is owned by an Australia Post subsidiary called SecurePay, and it is an online, real-time transaction service. It is mainly integrated with the biggest Australian banks and allows users to pay directly from their bank accounts without giving away their information. It works like a debit card, where you can deposit funds into your POLi account from your main bank account. It is a good alternative for online gamblers because it encourages safe gambling practices, such as limiting the amount you spend on gambling sites.

Advantages of POLi Payment

Even though there are bigger alternatives to POLi, it is an ideal payment method for individuals living in Australia and NZ. There are many advantages to using POLi Payment within New Zealand for online gambling. It is also beneficial to other applications and purposes, such as online shopping and banking. It is secure, easy to use and easily accessible to NZ residents. However, what are the biggest selling points for POLi? That is what we are about to tell you in the following section.

User-Friendly Internet Banking

The POLi payment desktop website has a user-friendly interface, making internet banking extremely easy to navigate and use. With this service, you can deposit, receive, and transfer funds to and from your POLi account. Even if you are not technologically handy, you will be able to use POLi payment without any hassle or confusion.

Safe Online Gambling

You will easily find plenty of POLi casinos and POLi betting sites within New Zealand and Australia. The service provides a convenient way to deposit or withdraw money from online casinos and other gambling sites. It is also a way for many gamblers to practice safe online gambling by limiting their spending. You can transfer an amount of money to your POLi account and limit yourself to it while you gamble.

No Registration Needed

One of the most attractive features of this e-wallet service is that you do not need to register to make an account! You need to link it to your bank account, and you are good to go! It ensures anonymity online while making deposits and withdrawals from any gambling site. This also means that you do not have to worry about registration fees.

Easy to Connect Bank Account

It is very simple to connect to your bank account. You can choose to pay with this internet banking method whenever you see a POLi payment option. You will then choose your bank, log in to your account and follow any prompts that show to complete a Pay Anyone transaction. If you are unsure, you can go to the official POLi website for a demonstration.

Disadvantages of POLi Payment

No matter how perfect an e-wallet service may seem, it would be best if you always looked out for any disadvantages they might have. Although POLi payment is ideal for customers residing in Australia and New Zealand, it is imperfect in its ways. Yes, it does offer an impressive service that is reliable, secure and very fast for online payments. But, let us explain where it might lack and what you should know before you decide to try and use it.

Not All Banks Support POLi

Even though it is dedicated to Australian and New Zealand customers, it does not support all banks within the countries. It only supports major Australian banks, so you might not be in luck if you use NZ standard banks. It is quite limiting for players with bank accounts not supporting POLi, but it is beneficial for those in the opposite situation.

Only in New Zealand and Australia

One of the biggest advantages of some other e-wallets is that they are accepted internationally and accessible to almost anyone. POLi is a dedicated service for Australians and New Zealanders, so you won’t be able to use it if you live anywhere else. This also limits the number of online casinos you can use with this payment method.

Transaction Fees for Businesses

Even though making transactions are typically free of charge for most e-wallet services, transaction fees apply for businesses in this one. There is a monthly 2.5% transaction fee for the total transaction value. So as a business, the bigger your transactions are, POLi will take a bigger chunk of your money. You could make up for it by charging your customers more or paying for it.

Payment Alternatives to POLi NZ

Although POLi is great for NZ customers, as discussed above, there are some drawbacks to it as well. Perhaps you have used it, but you are looking for some better or at least equally good alternatives. You do not have to go searching for alternatives yourself, though. We have made sure to find some of the best alternatives you can try out to meet all your online payment needs. These are also alternatives more widely accepted across international or global banks.


  • What is POLi?

    POLi is an internet banking debit service that allows you to transfer money without directly withdrawing funds from your bank account. It is a more secure alternative for online transactions. Typically, you would enter your credit or debit card details before making a payment online, but this takes away that risk.

  • Is POLi available for New Zealanders?

    Yes, POLi is easily available and accessible to New Zealanders. Although it is an Australian internet banking payment system, it works for NZ customers. It is ideal for NZ online casino players who have accounts with Australian banks or NZ banks that support POLi payment.

  • How much does it cost to pay via POLi?

    For personal use, POLi payment does not charge customers a transaction fee. You can save at least 40% as a seller because their transaction fees for business are not as big as other e-wallet services. POLi aims to make its services as free as possible to encourage more online gamblers to use it.

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