Prezzy Card Voucher

Prezzy Card voucher
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Prezzy Card is a gift card that works just like a credit card. However, it is a prepaid card on which you can preset a specific value. Prepaid cards are a convenient and popular payment method for New Zealand customers.

Prepaid cards such as Prezzy Card can sometimes offer you additional promo codes or bonuses on offline and online purchases. Moreover, it is popular for being a safe, anonymous payment method through a credit card. It essentially works as a voucher that you can refill as much as you like without having to provide your banking details online.

Overview of Prezzy Cards

It can be registered and used online or in-store and is a great alternative to using your real credit card. You can use this top-up card in any store or platform that accepts Visa and MasterCard. A prepaid card is so great that you can only use it separately for gambling. It separates your gambling funds from the rest of your funds and helps to ensure safe gambling and spending. But what sets a Prezzy Card apart from other prepaid cards? Let’s find out.

Benefits of Prezzy Card

You might be wondering why online NZ users widely prefer a prepaid voucher card. There are many reasons, such as the ability to remain safe while making deposits and receiving withdrawals, limiting your spending, etc. Additionally, it can be a great gift to your friends – and it is one that they will appreciate. The benefits of a Prezzy Card extend beyond anonymous transactions and gifts. Let’s look at how this card can be very useful to you:

Easy to Purchase & Pay

Purchasing a Prezzy card is very easy – all you have to do is order one from the official website and wait for it! Once you do receive it, you have to activate and register the card, during which you can choose the desired value of the card. Payments will become very easy after you have activated the card. Use it the same way you would use a credit card, except you do not have to give away any important personal details.

Fast & Anonymous Transactions

Making transactions anywhere can be risky. There is almost always a chance of someone stealing your credit card information and accessing your funds. However, with a Prezzy card, you can now make transactions anonymously. It is also a faster transaction method because it does not require the same verification process, but it is equally secure. It is all-around convenient!

You Can Pay Anywhere (Offline & Online)

The best benefit of the Prezzy Card is that you can use it anywhere! It is accepted on all online platforms that accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards. You can also use it for in-store or offline transactions. Even if a casino site does not mention that it accepts a Prezzy Card, it most likely does if it mentions that it accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Ability to Top-Up and Use Many Times

You also can top up and use it as many times as you need! However, you can only top up to the card’s value, set during activation. Gamblers enjoy using this prepaid card because it helps them keep track of their spending and divides their funds. Even if you can not use a Prezzy Card anymore, it is easy to purchase and register a new card.

Drawbacks of Prezzy Card

With all good things come the bad – similar to any payment method, a Prezzy Card has some drawbacks and limitations. You do have a top-up limit, but it is compensated by the ability to select the card’s value. Similarly, a credit card has the advantage of direct access to your funds, but that can be risky for Kiwis. However, the drawbacks of a Prezzy card are not many but still need to be addressed:

Fees for Buying the Card

Unfortunately, there are a handful of fees you have to pay for the Prezzy card. Purchasing a card online will cost you nearly $100, but top-up charges also apply. You will also have to pay a 2.6% convenience fee if the Prezzy card is bought on a credit card and the purchase and delivery fees.

Valid for Two Years Only

Another inconvenience of the Prezzy Card is the validity. Unlike a credit card valid that will be valid for up to 4 or 5 years, this prepaid card is only valid for two years. And even though you can renew a credit card, you can not renew a Prezzy Card. You would have to purchase a new one all over again.

Prezzy Card Alternatives

If the Prezzy Card sounds great, but you want to weigh out your options, there are some great alternatives. Even if you have already used one, you might be interested in trying a different voucher card before choosing one for yourself or gift someone else. Many options are on the market, but you can not use all of them across several websites without Visa support. That is why we have chosen a couple of our other top picks after the Prezzy Card:


  • Is it safe to use Prezzy Card in New Zealand?

    Yes, it is safer to use a Prezzy Card anywhere. It is a significantly safer alternative to your standard credit cards because you do not have to give out your personal banking information for any transaction. Even if someone gets ahold of your prepaid card information, they will not have access to any funds outside it.

  • Can I use Prezzy Card outside New Zealand?

    Yes, unlike some prepaid cards, you can also use a Prezzy Card outside new Zealand. The Prezzy card is linked to the Visa processing system. Thus, it is applicable in any store that accepts Visa cards online. It is also accepted in all online casinos that accept Visa and Mastercard.

  • Can Kiwis pay with a Prezzy Card in offline stores?

    Unfortunately, you cannot use a Prezzy Card in many offline stores. It is not a credit or debit card, although it is similar. A Prezzy card is a voucher or gift card that can top up, receive or send funds. It is mostly used for online transactions only.

  • Are there any additional fees when paying by Prezzy Card?

    You do not have to pay any additional fees when paying with a Prezzy Card. It is convenient because some online stores, shops or casinos will charge extra for certain payment methods. However, there are other fees you have to pay, such as top-up fees, convenience fees, purchasing the card, postage fees, etc.

  • Can I use the Prezzy voucher online?

    Yes, there are many sites and online stores or shops where Prezzy vouchers are accepted. You can consider using this prepaid card anywhere that accepts Visa credit and debit cards. The online merchants also include online gambling sites. You might also receive additional perks for using voucher cards such as the Prezzy Card.