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Rootz LTD
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Rootz LTD is an iGaming technology company that manages and operates 4 online casinos. This iGaming solution was built to make it easier to manage gambling operators. It provides a platform that manages all aspects of the perfect gaming operator. This is to free up casino employees from performing repetitive mechanical tasks.

Instead, they focus on the most important aspect of their business, which is their customers. This brings simplicity to the gambling industry and makes it more fun and exciting for players. The company runs all its casinos from Malta. It provides its services to several countries around the world. Their casinos have the same look and feel.

Rootz LTD:General Info
🐣 Established in 2018
🗺 Address Ewropa Business Centre, Level 3 – 701, Dun Karm Street Birkirkara, BKR 9034 Malta
📬 E-mail
📜 License Number MGA/B2C/599/2018 issued on 30.04.2019

Rootz LTD Products

Products in the form of online casinos are what make companies like Rootz LTD interesting. They give affiliates the opportunity to earn money without having to earn casinos themselves. It’s worth noting that the online casino business model is a very gruelling and investment reliant one. This is especially clear in the initial stages. Besides this, it is highly competitive. However, opting for the affiliate route is equally challenging, but less financially demanding. Take advantage of the big brand names that have already built a reputation in the market..

Casino Operators

Make money while entertaining players as a casino operator with Rootz LTD casinos. As long as you have regular players in your casino, a dependable income stream can be acquired. Therefore, the more gamblers you attract and retain, the more sustainable your business model is. Bonuses and regular promotions are great incentives for keeping casino patrons content.

Affiliate Program

If you are interested in online gambling you do not need to worry about starting up your own site. Rootz affiliates programs provide extensive profit and benefits if they are managed correctly. Players are the key thing that online casinos need in order to compete effectively with other casinos in the market. Provide them and get rewarded for your efforts.

Rootz Limited FAQs

  • What is Rootz LTD?

    Rootz LTD is an iGaming platform that makes it possible to run online casinos easily and seamlessly with minimal input from human resources. This frees up casino personnel to concentrate on serving the players and providing a fun and exciting experience for their customers. This platform is easy to navigate and operate.

  • Who is Rootz LTD's representative?

    Lasse Rantala is the Chief Executive Officer of Rootz. He holds a Master of Technology Degree in Electrical Engineering. He grew the company from a start-up to where it is now. He worked together with a highly motivated but small team to get the company up and running. They had the required experience to get the job done.

  • Is Rootz LTD a good company?

    Yes. Rootz LTD has built a reputation as a solid brand in the market. This requires having similar designs, typefaces and features across platforms. The management also ensures that compliance issues are adhered to. Having a good and easy to use interface is good, as it attracts players, which is quite important in the casino industry.

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