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Skrill NZ Payments
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Skrill is an e-wallet provider that was once known as Moneybookers, and it was established in 2001. The brand was bought by the Paysafe Group, which also owns competitors such as Neteller, and they’re the providers of the prepaid online Paysafe voucher. It offers a variety of internet banking services.

Skrill operates in over 120 countries, offering 40 types of currency. It is popular as a safer and more reliable online payment method because customers can connect their e-wallet to their bank account. It removes the need to provide personal details on online casino sites. So what else makes it such a great solution for online gamblers? Let’s take a closer look.

Overview of Skrill Payments

Skrill holds multiple licenses to offer online payment services globally, especially in Europe. It provides an alternative for their customers to transfer money or make transactions through their bank cards. It also provides a digital wallet where you can store money outside the customer’s bank account. This e-wallet service provides a safe way for online gamblers to gamble without the risk of over-spending or having their personal information stolen. You could also obtain a Skrill card to withdraw from ATMs.

Benefits of Skrill for New Zealanders

A platform as big as Skrill wouldn’t be where it is today if it did not have a lot to offer. One of the best things about this service is that it lets you make payments within seconds using your email and password. The number of digital wallet users grows by about 140 million every year, and Skrill proudly holds a large chunk of those numbers. It is significant to online gamblers because it keeps them discreet while giving them exclusive offers and bonuses across various gambling platforms.

Fast Registration

If you do not like going through the registration process for any account, you will enjoy how fast and simple it is to register with Skrill. You have to visit their official website, provide your personal information, and connect your account to your bank card. You do not need to worry about providing additional documentation such as KYC.

Ideal for Online Gambling

The service is so popular amongst online gamblers that you will easily find many Skrill Casinos and Skrill bet sites. Whether you are playing on New Zealand based sites or not, you will often be able to use Skrill to deposit and withdraw money. It also comes with vouchers, promo offers, and bonuses on various sites every once in a while.

Crypto Trading Option

A feature that not many digital wallet platforms and services offer is the Crypto Trading function. With Skrill, you can buy, sell and trade your cryptocurrencies! It also allows you to store your cryptocurrency and use it to make transactions whenever you like. Other competitors do not feature this option, so it is ideal for crypto users.

Cashback on All Payments

The Skrill cashback deal is not one you want to miss if you frequently play poker games online. What makes it the top choice for online gamblers is how accessible and widely accepted the payment option is. However, the cherry on top is that you can receive cashback on all your payments on gambling sites.

Global Accessibility

A massive benefit of using Skrill is its global accessibility. It’s not a local payment method like Poli; Skrill can be used to pay on the biggest websites and online shops in the world. It has a truly global presence with over 200 supported countries and 40 supported currencies.

Transaction Speed

The transaction speed is the crucial element of Skrill. That’s the primary selling point, the reason more and more Kiwis have started using it for online casino payments. Skrill deposits are instant, and the same can usually be said for withdrawals, too, assuming you’re using a reliable casino with fast internal payment processing.

Drawbacks of Skrill for New Zealanders

Even though Skrill is an all-rounder and provides many amazing benefits, it would be unrealistic to say or even expect it to be flawless. Like any other service, it has some drawbacks that may or may not put you off. We believe it is fair to you to get a clear picture of what this digital wallet service does or does not do for you before you decide to join it. So let’s discuss where it might lack or need more work.

High Fees

Unfortunately, it is common for major digital wallet services to have high fees in various aspects. You will have to pay different fees based upon your Skrill account level; the higher your level is, the less restraining these fees become. But if you are using a Skrill account for small payments and personal use, it might be too expensive.

No Live Chat

If you ever run into a financial emergency or your transactions keep falling through, you might have to wait before customer support gets back to you. It is quite disappointing that a major service such as Skrill does not offer a Live Chat feature. At the same time, some smaller brands do offer 24/7 live chat support.

Slow Support

You will not only find a lack of 24/7, live chat customer support on Skrill. But, you will also quickly realise that their customer support team is pretty slow. The response time needs some extra work, and so do the contact options. Moreover, they only provide 24/7 support to VIP members, which can be frustrating if you own a regular account.

Steps to Fund a Skrill Account in NZ

Your Skrill account has to be funded before you can use it to deposit funds to your online gambling bankroll. Luckily, the funding process is a breeze. Here’s a short depiction of what to do to get your Skrill game up and running:

  1. Log in to Your Skrill Account through the website or App

    Assuming you’ve already created a Skrill account, log into it either through the website or the smartphone app. If you’re using a smartphone but don’t have the app, simply install it via the store (Google Play or App Store). Once you’re in, feel free to proceed to the next step.

  2. Navigate to the “Deposit” Section & Choose a Payment Option

    Once you’re in your Skrill account, navigate to the “Deposit” section. It should be available from the main menu; you can’t miss it. You’ll be greeted with a list of payment options. Select your preferred option and make sure you have all the details at bay.

  3. Enter the Amount & Provide any Necessary Payment Details

    Enter all the required payment details. For example, if you’ve selected Visa, you will have to enter the card number, date of expiration, and the CVV code. Then, enter the amount you’d like to deposit in the corresponding field. Double-check you’ve entered the correct amount.

  4. Confirm Transaction Details & Use the Deposited Funds

    Before you confirm/authorise the Skrill funding transaction, make sure everything is in order. Double-check the payment info and double-check the amount. Once you’re 100% sure everything is correct, confirm the transaction and head on over to your casino to deposit the funds using your Skrill account.

Skrill Alternatives for Kiwis

You might enjoy using Skrill, or you might want to weigh out all your options before you can choose a service. Skrill is a great way to protect your funds and secure your transactions online, but what else is out there? It can be not easy to continue searching, comparing, and narrowing down your options when it comes to e-wallets. We have selected our top favourite e-wallets and put them in the following list to save your time and make this decision easier for you.


  • What is Skrill?

    Skrill is an e-wallet services provider that aims to make internet banking and payment as convenient and safe as possible. It enables you to save and use your funds separate from your bank account and card. For online gamblers, it can be tricky to limit their spending sometimes, so a service like Skrill promotes safe gambling practices.

  • Is Skrill available in New Zealand?

    Yes, Skrill is available in New Zealand and 120 other countries around the globe. It is the most popular choice for European digital wallet users, and it is beginning to grow in favour of New Zealand online casino players as well! It is also multilingual and accepts 40 currencies.

  • Can I open a Skrill account for free?

    You can open a Skrill account for free! It is very easy and quick to register on Skrill, and it would not take you more than a few minutes. Even if you are in an urgent situation where you need to make a payment right away, you can rely on their services.

  • Is it safe to use Skrill as a casino payment method?

    Yes, it is. Skrill is one of the world’s biggest and most security-oriented e-wallets out there. It goes hand in hand with PayPal, which tells you enough about its reputation. Plus, Skrill is safer than conventional banking as it doesn’t share any of your banking information with the casino. With Skrill, your card numbers are kept private at all times!

  • What is an average Skrill withdrawal time?

    Skrill withdrawals are lightning-fast. In most cases, the funds will arrive in your Skrill account in a matter of minutes. In our experience, the usual waiting time is around 1 to 5 minutes. But this is under the assumption you’ve already verified the account, and you’ve used the same Skrill account to deposit the funds.

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