SkyCity Entertainment Group

SkyCity Entertainment Group
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SkyCity Entertainment Group is one of New Zealand's largest entertainment, tourism and gambling companies. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the company has expanded its operations into Australia. Simply referred to as SkyCity, the company owns five casinos spread between these two countries. The casinos are accompanied by complexes, conventions, restaurants, bars and three luxury hotels.

The stocks of this company are traded on both the New Zealand and Australia stock exchange. SkyCity launched online casino gaming in 2019 through its subsidiary company SkyCity Malta Limited to provide Kiwis with an online gaming experience. This was an extension of its land-based casinos in New Zealand.

SkyCity Group: General Info
🐣 Established In 1996
🗺 Address Level 13, 99 Albert Street AUCKLAND, NY 1010 New Zealand
📬 E-mail
📜 License Number MGA/B2C/880/2021
🏢 Subsidiary SKYCITY Malta Limited

SkyCity Entertainment Properties

While it was started in New Zealand, the company gradually expanded its operations into Australia. Currently, the company operates five entertainment complexes in both of these countries. Each property features a gaming casino and accompanying facilities like bars and restaurants. These facilities appeal to both national and international clientele. Not forgetting its online casino platform. By 2020 the online casino had garnered over 35,000 registered users. The company employs over 4,000 employees across all its companies in the two countries.

SkyCity Adelaide

SkyCity acquired its Adelaide Casino in 2000. At that time, the casino had just over 700 gambling and 72 table games. Currently, the casino has 1500 gaming machines and 200 gaming tables. It has an exclusive license in South Australia that runs until 2085. This essentially gives it a monopoly over the area.
Launched in February 1996, this is the largest casino in New Zealand. The casino has more than 1800 games and 150 gaming tables. The facility has SkyTower, a convention centre, two hotels, and over 20 restaurants and bars. Live bands frequently perform in these bars. The facility hosts business people, gamblers and families.
SkyCity fully acquired Hamilton Casino in 2005. This casino was started in 2002 and SkyCity previously owned it in partnership with Perry Developments. The casino has over 300 gaming machines and just over 20 gaming tables. The casino has a bar and restaurant. It provides great entertainment through live bands that occasionally perform here.
SkyCity fully acquired the Queenstown casino in 2012. Previously, SkyCity had 60% ownership and Skyline enterprise had 40% ownership of the casino. The casino was originally opened in 2002. The casino has 86 gaming machines and 12 gaming tables. This is a relatively small casino owned by the company.

SkyCity Wharf

SkyWharf Casino is also located in Queenstown. Meaning that the company owns two small casinos in one town. Wharf Casino was originally opened in 1999. It was acquired by SkyCity in 2013. The casino has 74 gaming machines and 6 gaming tables. Both Queenstown and Wharf combined to contribute just 1% of the company’s billion-dollar turnover.
SkyCity Online Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. The site has a collection of over 1,3000 online games from big industry players like Microgaming and Evolution. It is a safe and secure place where you can have fun. Being a big brand name, Kiwis can trust it.


SkyCity teamed up with Lets Play Live Media in 2017 to get into the esports industry. It acquired 40% shareholding in the company. It then built a broadcasting studio for esports in SkyTower. This was eventually launched in 2018. In 2019, SkyCity acquired 100% ownership of LPLM. SkyCity has first-class video gaming machines.


  • What is SkyCity Entertainment Group?

    SkyCity Entertainment Group is a leading entertainment, gambling and tourism company based in New Zealand. The company owns five casinos and provides gaming and casino services. These properties are accompanied by hotels, cars and restaurants. It also has branches in Australia and is an online gaming site that is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

  • Who are responsible for SkyCity Group?

    Michael Daniel Ahearne is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Julie Amey is the Chief Financial Officer. The people responsible for the casino are responsible for all aspects of running the casino. They ensure that casinos make enough money and run profitably while ensuring that player satisfaction.

  • Can I trust SkyCity Entertainment Group?

    Yes, you can trust SkyCity Entertainment Group. It is a large and well-known brand in New Zealand and Australia. It is also a publicly listed and traded company on the Stock Exchange sites of both of these countries. The company is also licensed to run its operations. Meaning that they adhere to strict policies in their business.

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