Where Can I Use Paysafe Vouchers?

where can I use PaySafe vouchers in New Zealand
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Paysafecard vouchers are one of the leading online prepaid systems in Europe. But, they're also popular among New Zealanders due to the many benefits they offer. So, if you were looking for a secure and convenient payment method that works perfectly well for Kiwis, Paysafecard is a great option.

The system allows you to make swift payments to various websites without hassle. Simply purchase a PaySafe voucher and use the 16-digit PIN code to complete whatever transaction you need without sharing any banking info. Keep reading to learn about all sites accepting Paysafe vouchers and how they work with different platforms.

Gambling Sites

use PaySafe for online gambling

Online gambling sites allow you to play your favourite casino games without stepping foot in Sin City. There is something for everyone, from hundreds of slot machines, card games, and video poker to bingo and scratch cards. On the other hand, with online bookies, you can wager on the results of a wide range of sports events on the Internet.

Now, real cash rewards come to those who play with real money, and the most convenient way for Kiwis to top up their casino accounts is via Paysafecard. Numerous Paysafe casinos and Paysafe betting sites are available on the Internet, and making a deposit is very simple and easy. Once you get your voucher, enter the PIN and the amount you want to deposit and confirm the transaction. Funds will be transferred quickly, and you won’t have to reveal any personal or financial details.

Video Gaming Platforms

use PaySafe for video gaming

Video games are fun and exciting, but they require processing power. That is very expensive processing power. New consoles start at $300, and gaming computers cost thousands of dollars nowadays. So, gamers need less costly alternatives, and online video gaming platforms are slowly picking up steam. These platforms allow you to access massive gaming power through your regular PC or smartphone device in exchange for a monthly fee.

Are you from New Zealand searching for a safe way to make a payment to famous platforms like Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, and PlayStation Now? Well, you can easily do it thanks to the Paysafecard vouchers. The process itself is straightforward. Your transactions will be completed within minutes, so you can go ahead and enjoy playing your favourite video games.

Online Shopping Stores

use PaySafe for online shopping

Online shopping has been widely popular, especially in the past years, because it’s convenient, easy, and swift. Multiple payment methods are available for online shopping transactions. But, not all of them are suitable, let alone favourable, for New Zealanders. Yet, that’s not the case with Paysafecard.

Thanks to Paysafe vouchers, you can shop at your favourite online stores like Microsoft, Deezer, Roblox, and many more. You can pay using this prepaid voucher, wherever you see the Paysafecard logo at one of the thousands of authorised online shops. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your personal or financial details falling into the wrong hands.

Online Services

use PaySafe for online services

Besides online shopping, gambling, and sports betting, Paysafecard can also be used for purchasing online services like Telephony, VoIP, and Messaging. These advanced technologies enable a telephonic exchange of data between physically distant parties. In addition to voice communication, they also include video calls, text messages, voicemail, and more. All this results in improved reliability and higher efficiency for individuals and businesses.

Well, to use these services, you will need to top up your mobile phone, and there’s no better way to do it than via Paysafecard. Get your prepaid voucher in the nearest store or online. Enter the phone number you wish to top up and choose the amount. Finally, complete the transaction by entering your Paysafe voucher PIN code, and you are good to go.


  • Can I sell a Paysafecard voucher?

    Yes, you can quickly sell a Paysafecard voucher if you are a retailer. Simply generate Paysafe vouchers in the same area as other prepaid products, mobile cards, and payment options. Paysafecard vouchers are safe to use, convenient, and just as practical and valuable as cash.

  • For how long is the PaySafe card valid?

    Paysafecard prepaid vouchers do not have an expiration date. They are protected from fraud with the 16-digit PIN code required for each transaction. And, if the user wants to add another layer of safety, they can also add a password. Therefore, each Paysafecard is valid until you use it.

  • Can I split transactions between different PaySafe-accepting platforms?

    Yes, you can split transactions between different Paysafe-accepting platforms without problems. Using Paysafe’s API, you can easily customize how all transactions and payments are divided to meet your needs.