Where to Buy CashtoCode Vouchers in New Zealand?

Where to buy CashtoCode e-Voucher in New Zealand?
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CashtoCode is an increasingly popular payment method for online purchases across the NZ digital space. Since it’s still a fairly new kid on the block, not many Kiwis know how it works.

With that in mind, we’re here to answer a few straightforward questions: where and how to buy a CashtoCode e-voucher in New Zealand? This payment method offers a safe alternative to credit cards and can be used on online casinos accepting CashtoCode as a payment method. Seems like a great deal, right? Let’s take a closer look!

Places to Buy CashtoCode E-Vouchers in New Zealand

At the moment, CashtoCode is available in New Zealand and 20 other countries. It supports 13 different currencies too, making it highly versatile across the globe. CashtoCode e-vouchers can be purchased online at one of many accredited shops, including the following:


Buy CashtoCode e-voucher via ReCharge

Recharge.com offers the simplest way of purchasing CashtoCode e-vouchers in NZD. Even though it claims to offer vouchers starting from NZ$10, the lowest we were able to find was NZ$25. Available denominations are as follows: $25, $50, $100, $150, and $200. ReCharge.com accepts a wide variety of payment methods too, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, UnionPay, Discover, and Diners.


Buy CashtoCode e-voucher via G2A

G2A.com is another popular option for purchasing CashtoCode e-vouchers in NZD. There are several variations to choose from, with the lowest one being NZ$25. They go all the way to NZ$400, which should be more than enough for most people. One final thing, we warmly recommend you keep tabs on the conversion fees.


Buy CashtoCode e-voucher via Dundle

Dundle.com is a popular shopping destination in NZ. Among many others, like NeoSurf, JetonCash, and Flexepin, Dundle offers CashtoCode e-vouchers as well. Not only does it sell all sorts of gift cards, but also offers gaming credits, and has a neat mobile app for even faster navigation. According to our research, there are five CashtoCode denominations currently available at Dundle: $25, $50, $100, $150, and $200.


Buy CashtoCode e-voucher via OffGamers

OffGamers.com is a similar platform. It successfully operates in numerous territories, with the main emphasis being gaming-related wallet codes and gift cards. OffGamers features everything from iTunes gift cards and Steam Wallet codes to Nexon Game Cards, Neosurf vouchers, and even crypto. CashtoCode e-voucher transactions start at $25 and feature instant transactions.


  • What is a CashtoCode Voucher?

    CashtoCode is a digital voucher used for making all sorts of online purchases. It’s popular in numerous countries across the globe, one of which is New Zealand. The main benefits of using CashtoCode vouchers are simplicity, instant transactions, and improved security in comparison to conventional digital banking payments.

  • Where can I use CashtoCode e-vouchers?

    According to our research, most people use CashtoCode for one of the following: gaming and gambling. CashtoCode can be used for purchasing all sorts of digital goods, and the games primarily appreciate the convenience. Some folks use CashtoCode at prepaid card casinos to play casino games for real money. Long story short, CashtoCode e-vouchers are highly versatile.

  • What denominations are available for CashtoCode vouchers?

    We looked up the denominations on several accredited online shops and the lowest we could find was NZ$25. Most sites offer $25, $50, $100, $150, and $200. In our experience, G2A sells a NZ$400 voucher, but it could simply be 2 vouchers packed together.

  • How long is a CashtoCode voucher valid for?

    According to the terms & conditions on the official CashtoCode website, every voucher is valid exactly 12 months from the purchase date. It means you have a full year to spend it. Realistically speaking, though, 99% of CashtoCode vouchers are used within 24 hours of purchase. But, it’s still good to know you can have them around for years.

  • How do I use a CashtoCode voucher for online transactions?

    After you purchase a CashtoCode voucher, you will receive the 20-digit code via email. That’s why we recommend you double check that you’ve entered your email address correctly. You know how they say – better safe than sorry! Once you’re ready to pay for something, select CashtoCode as your payment method and enter the 20-digit code you’ve received.

  • Can I combine multiple CashtoCode vouchers for a single transaction?

    Yes, you can. But remember: you can’t split one CashtoCode voucher into several transactions. Why is that so? It’s simple – because each code can only be used once. Once you’ve used it, it’s gone.

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