Where to Buy Paysafe Voucher Online in New Zealand?

where to buy PaySafe voucher online
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PaySafeCard is a popular payment method in New Zealand. Most Kiwis obtain their PaySafeCard vouchers at local businesses. However, as many companies have gone remote, so has the practice of purchasing PaySafe vouchers. We will explore this topic in depth and point out a few legitimate websites registered in New Zealand where you can find these vouchers and instantly buy them.

New Zealanders can now get a voucher over the Internet via online distributors like eGift Cards, WKV, Fairy Gift Cards and Playtech. These sites let you buy a PaySafe voucher in less than a minute. You create an account, log in, search for the voucher you want, and pay with your credit card. We’ll now discuss the platforms above in more detail to make things easier for you.

Places to Buy PaySafe Voucher in New Zealand

There is no need to shop around for gift cards anymore – the majority of customers purchase theirs online. However, if it’s your first time doing this, you’re probably unfamiliar with popular gift card websites. Don’t fret – we’ve got your back. Below, you’ll find the best internet places to shop for a PaySafe voucher, along with a mini-review of each one:


buy PaySafe online via eGiftCards.nz

eGiftCards is a New Zealand-based online shop that lets you purchase eGift Cards. The platform allows multiple-currency transactions and offers many different brands, including PaySafeCard. You can buy international eGift Cards for the United States, Australia, Europe, and more locations. The options are abundant, and you can choose from shopping cards, gaming cards, and phone top-ups. There’s free delivery and a free return policy on all products. To start shopping, add any desired eGift Card to your cart. Once you’re ready to pay, the site will calculate your total plus extra fees. The cards will arrive via email delivery.

The maximum value limits vary between currencies. However, the options let you choose whichever one is most convenient for you and your shopping goal. Customer support is available at the site. However, they aren’t online 24/7 and usually get back to you within a business day. You can also earn Reward Points and climb levels, which you later redeem for free vouchers. There are Bronze VIP, Silver VIP, and Gold VIP levels. You may win a gift card for various sites, including Target, Amazon, Macy’s, and more.


buy PaySafe online via WKV.com

WKV is an official online distributor of PaySafeCard vouchers. The best thing about this site is that it lets you check your card balance at any time. All you have to do is create an account, purchase your voucher, and be in complete control of how much you spend. Unlike eGiftCards, WKV doesn’t attach extra fees to purchases. You can pay via Online Transfer or Bank Transfer. There’s also a 100% guarantee that your personal info is secure and safe with WKV. The site uses the latest SSL technology to ensure seamless transactions.

You can use MasterCard, Visa, and Bank Transfer to purchase your PaySafeCard voucher. The site lets you get a card with ease. You register with an account and sift through available vouchers. PaySafeCard vouchers at the site come in various values (NZ$5, NZ$10, NZ$25, NZ$50, and NZ$100). Once you’ve added it to the cart, you can pay for the voucher and start using it. For any further questions, you can contact WKV’s customer support and get a reply within two business days.


buy PaySafe online via eGiftCard.nz

eGiftCard is another option for customers from New Zealand. The platform allows you to purchase PaySafeCard vouchers of various values. Besides this, you can also obtain online gift cards for pretty much anything. Customers can sort through multiple categories, including Women, Kids, Men, Gaming, Sports, and more. The Payments Gift Cards section lets you purchase prepaid cards like Neosurf and Visa. These cards have higher maximum limits and allow you to spend more. It’s also not unusual for shoppers to buy cinema gift cards.

You can use USA, EUR, NZD, AUD, and GBP to pay. The site also offers tracked courier delivery, so you can rest assured your money’s going into the right hands. The platform eGiftCard is 100% NZ-owned and operated and promises the best deal for your budget. It accepts Poli, PayPal, and Bank Transfer. Select your desired voucher and add it to the Shopping Cart to make a purchase. Once you’ve done that, choose a payment method, and you’re good to go!


buy PaySafe voucher online via Playtech.nz

Playtech.co.nz is another convenient option for buying a Paysafe Voucher online without too much stress. Here, you can get a $20, $50 and $100 voucher with included processing fees for a total of $23.50. The voucher is paid for and delivered electronically, and it arrives within 48 hours after purchase (weekends and holidays excluded), so buyers can get their hands on vouchers without even leaving their homes.

The website offers dedicated customer support via live chat and an opportunity to track orders, which is extremely helpful. After purchasing a Paysafecard voucher a digital code will be sent to the email address, which was used while registering an account at Playtech.co.nz. Consider that a digital code cannot be refunded after it has been delivered.

Fairy Gift Cards

buy PaySafe voucher via Fairy.co.nz

Fairy Gift Cards is a trustworthy portal for Kiwis to buy PaysafeCard vouchers. This virtual card store is known for delivering vouchers within the same day, so if you are in a hurry this is a good place to buy a Pasysafe Voucher online. The best thing is that there are vouchers in various amounts, starting from $10 or $20 and up to $800 and $1000.

Please, keep in mind that it is impossible to re-load a paysafe voucher with additional funds. Since fairy Gift Cards is a well-known website that sells thousands of different cards daily and has excellent data security mechanisms, you don’t need to worry about your credit card data being compromised.

Online Purchase of PaySafe Card: FAQ

  • Are there any fees for purchasing a PaySafe voucher online?

    No, there generally aren’t any additional costs when you purchase PaySafeCard vouchers online. However, one of the websites we mentioned above (eGiftCards) requires a low-cost fee per purchase. In most cases, you will pay NZ$20 to get a voucher with NZ$20 on it.

  • How long is the PaySafeCard code valid?

    Thankfully, a PaySafeCard code doesn’t have an expiration date. Once you get a voucher, the code is yours and redeemable at your leisure. If you want to wait a month or longer before using it, you can do so without a problem.

  • Can I buy a PaySafeCard card online with NZD currency?

    Yes, you can easily buy a PaySafeCard voucher online with NZD. Above, we mentioned three of the best online shops to purchase a card at. However, almost every internet merchant targeting Kiwis will let you use NZD as the primary currency.

  • Can I use a Paysafecard voucher to deposit at an online casino?

    Yes, you can! There are plenty of Paysafe casino sites that cater to players from New Zealand and offer a wide selection of real-money games. In fact, some of those sites even have special promotions for players who use this pre-paid payment method. Look for these bonuses before making the deposit.

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