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Credit Card Casino NZ

It is not a secret that for real money casino in NZ, one of the key roles belongs to credit cards. Such term as credit card casino deposit does not sound new anymore. In addition, New Zealand online casino with credit cards is considered to be one of the most convenient options for payment in the world of gambling.

There is no need to look for the nearest ATM to withdraw money, no need to pick credit cards in New Zealand or carry a lot of cash, no need to count how much was spent and earned every single time, opening the calculator on the phone. NZ credit card casino gives an opportunity to keep track of all the expenses, use virtual money, make online money operations in less than a second, with minimum efforts. Top list of credit card casinos in New Zealand:

  1. Vegas Kings Casino - Accepts NZ Cards
  2. SkyCity Online Casino - Just for Kiwis
  3. Dunder Casino - Top Brand in New Zealand
  4. Caxino Casino - Best Casino in January 2022
  5. Spin Casino - Gamble with Cash Advance
  6. Jackpot Molly Casino - New Casino Operator
  7. Casumo Casino - Takes Credit Card Deposits
Credit Card Casino NZ

The Best Online Casinos that Accept Credit Cards in January 2022

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Online Gambling with Credit Card

As it was mentioned before, to spend hours gambling without worrying about the way to pay off everything or how to get the money you just won without sweat, is possible. Playing casino online with credit card is a good option for those who does it on regular basis because of many reasons. First and foremost, paying with the credit card is time saving as it is not necessarily typing in the information about the card every time. Along with that, you’ll be able to enjoy online gambling with no minimum deposit and you can deposit any small amount just with a bank card.   Good news is that there is an option to save the basic data about it in casino. While making a payment with electronic credit card, it will be necessary only to confirm the choice of the card and then type in the passcode and voilà, the transaction will be finished in an instant.   Among the most well-known credit cards today are obviously MasterCard, Visa and Amex. They are not only the most popular, but are also very easy to use with minimum fees and extra level of security. Double check of the passcode, the connection with the email or the phone number provides the most reliable connection between a bank and a customer and, also, protects the user from robbery and data loss.   In case of fraud or some troubles with the online billing there will be someone who could help to resolve the issue or simply step by step follow you through the billing process and make sure that everything is done successfully all the time. So to say, credit cards are supplied with all possible ways to assure the customer in cards’ reliability and simplicity in usage.

Features of Credit Card Deposits

For sure, when the time comes to choose an option for credit card deposits, there are features which play the most important role in this choice, for instance: transaction time, payots, fees, deposit and withdrawal limits, option for variable currencies etc. Every credit card has its pros and cons but it is more a matter of preference of the particular player. For better understanding the pluses and minuses, let’s first see what features credit card deposits have nowadays.
  1. Instant transactions Speaking about transaction time for each card deposit is impossible if not to take into consideration the bank of the chosen card. If you did not find a bank which will satisfy your credit card online casino deposits requirements yet, then here is a factor which will help to speed up the process. Believe it or not, one of the main aspects is the time spent on adding funds or processing any other sort of transaction. Most online casino players prefer not to be limited with time, credit card online payment should not be very time consuming, as the more you wait, the more you lose.
  2. Fast payouts Another point cannot be omitted in the choice of credit card deposits – payouts. Nowadays, more and more popularity gain fastest casino withdrawals and there is the reason why. It is way more convenient to be able to get the money you just won and not wait for the check to arrive in the mailbox. Online casinos accepting Credit Card deposits are easy to use and save a lot of time. To say more, the reputation of a particular online gambling website depends directly on the speed of the payout process.
  3. Small fees As a rule, additional fee should not be applied to any deposit or withdrawal transactions, but it may vary depending on the bank the credit card was issued by. This why it is significant to pay attention to the the details of the credit card agreement which usually must be signed by the user with the bank. One more thing to keep in mind is that for $1 deposit casino in New Zealand you can use casino online credit card for real money, but some banks may apply additional fees which they sometimes forget to inform about in the agreement, so watch out.
  4. High deposit and withdrawal limits Of course, being able to deposit or withdraw any sum on money while online gambling is an essential thing as well as everything else listed before. NZ online casinos with best payout online slots are making everything possible to offer a wide range of the amount of money the gambler can use on his own account, whether he or she wants to make a withdrawal or wants to deposit some for the next game. For the same reason a decent credit card casino online does not set the limits on virtual money comparing to debit card casinos, giving the variety of actions the gamer can do with his or her money.
  5. Multicurrency options Hard to imagine how many gamblers are scattered all around the globe. Each of them is a citizen of some particular country with its own language and currency. To make the process of gambling more pleasant and convenient for each of them, New Zealand dollar casinos give a lot of options. If someone wants to pay through AUD casino, it is possible too. All the fees are going to be calculated accordingly. The majority or online gambling brands offer more than 50 currencies for the gamer. This option is usually given while filling out the basic information about the payment method.
  6. Secure and safe payments The main and probably one of the first questions everyone asks before paying online is how secure the process is. Well, yes, there are different kinds of security measures which protect personal information of the user, for instance: well-encrypted passwords, double step verification using a laptop and a mobile phone, as well as email confirmation and receipts received on user’s email. New online casinos in NZ use various protection measures, but let’s be honest, there is no solid proof that your information in not going to leak out. While using credit card at casino, it is important to stay cautious, never give your passwords or card number to anybody else or, in case of using somebody’s laptop never save the card information in the system.

Credit Card Casino Options

Among the most popular and reliable payment methods up to date are credit cards as it was already mentioned before. Accordingly, there are top three brands of credit cards which are widely used by online casino players all around the world. Visa, MasterCard and Amex are the most well known credit cards which are used in Kiwi online casino these days. Each of them offers their users high level of safety and security, multiple banking options, 24/7 customer support, fast deposits and payouts and other options, that can be compared in the Web.
  1. Visa The most well-known business brand in the whole world. Even though many online casinos that accept Visa cards undergo some restrictions and regulations from the government, it is not an obstacle for online gamblers. One of the most pleasant things with Visa is that you can get a lot of bonuses and loyalty programs and get rewarded just for using Visa for some amount of time or even if you are totally new to it. Another advantage of Visa is its security system which provides the user with time-tested fraud protection.
  2. MasterCard Online gambling with cards have chosen MasterCard as the option number one in online payments and for a reason. Primarily, MasterCard supplies its customers with three different types of credit cards: standard MasterCard, World MasterCard and Elite MasterCard. All three of them offer a long term warranty for its users, ID protection from theft and zero tax program. If you use Mastercard online casinos for a long period of time, there will be some bonuses applied to your credit story, as well as rewards, all depends on how long you are their client. Online casinos all around the world have chosen MasterCard as their primary billing option due to the good reviews from the gamblers and low fares applied to transactions with the credit card.
  3. Amex American Express online casinos are also actively used by players from across the continents. This kind of credit card casino payments means that with every credit card there is a chain of privileges coming with them while shopping, travelling and gambling. It took a lot of time for Amex to build up the brand but it was definitely worth it. Today, it offers a highly secured payment with the powerful reward program. What is more, every single time using the card you earn points. As an upgrade, you can get a membership reward points which can later be used as flying miles. So, basically, gamble to travel, this is what Amex gives to its dedicated users.


  • What is a Credit Card Casino?

    Credit card casinos are csinos where any sort of money transfer can be made using the chosen card. All transactions can be made online using the basic information about the card and couple of security steps to ensure that the commission will be protected from any sort of theft.

  • Are credit card casinos safe?

    To say for sure that every credit card casino is safe is not right as everything depends on the web site and the bank you are using to make a payment with. But most credit card casinos are safe, if they have a high quality web site page, offer protection policies for the gambler and if they use verified fee transaction methods.

  • Are there any fees and limits?

    As a rule, all deposits in casino with credit card have zero to very low fares. The key role plays the bank the credit card was issued by. To check what fares your payment has you can simply visiting the website of the bank. As to limits, most online gambling websites try to do everything possible to make limits very wide to use or receive funds without extra efforts.

  • Can I withdraw winnings with Credit Cards?

    Sure thing, credit card casino withdrawals are very easy to make. The next steps may help you to do it:

    1. open your account and check the balance;
    2. choose the withdrawal option;
    3. type in the amount of money for withdrawal;
    4. press the pin-code;
    5. when you choose the cash selection, you will receive a voucher that you will use for withdrawal at ATM.

  • Do these casino sites have any bonuses and promotions?

    Depending on the bank of your credit card you may receive some loyalty bonuses or, in case you are a new user, you may get some credit card casino bonuses as a greeting to the «family». Speaking about promotions, in case you use your credit card for some period of time, you can deposit $5 get bonus or use such promotions as: travelling miles, free spins, extra money, gift cards and others.