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We, at CasinoDeps.co.nz (the “Company”, “Site”, “we” or “us”) set out this document as an agreement concluded between its Site and you (“user” or “users”). When you visit and utilize the services of the Site, that means you agree with the Terms & Conditions. The confirmation that you’ll adhere to our T&C is automatic.

Therefore, take some time to read the listed Terms & Conditions below carefully. We took great care to list the Terms in a nice and readable way. It’s up to you to read, understand, and abide by any legal requirements applicable in your area.

Content and Services

  1. Any content offered on the Site is for informational purposes only and owned by us. Any information published here is not intended to be taken as financial or legal advice. We don’t endorse third-party websites and online gambling providers. And we don’t guarantee the reliability and quality of third-party services.
  2. Using and copying our content is strictly prohibited and deemed copyright infringement. If you present our content as yours, post it somewhere, or use it on your blog, it is very likely that you’ll be punished according to the enforceable law.
  3. We are not an online casino, and we don’t operate any online gambling platforms. We don’t accept bets. As a result, our Site doesn’t provide and support financial transactions of any kind.
  4. We bear no responsibility related to consequences from the loss of data or funds. Also, we are not to blame in case of conflicts that may arise between casino operators and players.
  5. We are entitled to reject or restrict your access to the Site and the Services at any time if we deem it necessary for security and safety reasons.

Your Responsibility

Before you start using our Site, you undertake the following obligations:
  1. You are over the age of 18;
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  3. You will make sure that you don’t use the Site and its Services in a way that violates applicable laws, rules, and norms. You will always use our Services as outlined in these Terms & Conditions without any exceptions;
  4. You will not visit the Site, its Services, or content for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. You will also not attempt to access our systems and interfere with the operation of the Site;
  5. You will not remove, damage, or disable any security features of the Site to perform illegal activities. You will not defame, libel, or harm our Site, its users, or any other third party.

Denial of Responsibilities

Some actions and choices are your sole responsibility only. We dedicate some time and space here to underline the actions that depend on your decisions only. We hereby disclaim the following obligations:
  1. Your access and the use of our Site, its Services, and materials are performed at your own risk. You visit our Site at your sole discretion and opinion.
  2. We do not undertake that our Site and its Services are completely free of any errors. We do not guarantee that our Services will meet your expectations, that they will be timely and uninterrupted. We cannot ensure that all defects will be eliminated.
  3. We do not undertake that the content of the Site is virus-free, that it doesn’t contain malware, spyware, or bugs.

Proprietary Rights

We strive to respect the proprietary rights of our users and affiliates, and therefore, we expect you do act accordingly. Any content displayed on our Site is copyrighted, and its proprietary rights pertain to us. Meaning, you are not allowed to copy, alter, or otherwise violate proprietary rights. We reserve the rights to the material on CasinoDeps.co.nz and need to give you written consent to use any of the content published on our website.

Unauthorized Activity

When you visit CasinoDeps.co.nz, you undertake not to do any harm to our site. You will not get involved in illegal activities and misrepresent your identity. You will not try to hack or steal content from our Site or of other users.
Further on, you are prohibited from engaging in disruptive and antisocial behaviour such as trolling, spamming, and flaming. You cannot advertise or promote personal gambling strategies or endorse third-parties.

3rd Party Sites and Content

We provide links to third-party resources in our content for your convenience only. When you follow those links, you instantly leave our Site. And you have no right to make claims against us in respect of contents of other sites.
As a result, we will bear no responsibility for the content, information, or material published on third-party sites. We do not guarantee the security of the details that you decide to share with third parties. That is solely your responsibility, and you assume all underlying risks.

3rd Party Gaming Sites

Our content serves to advertise various types of gaming sites and their products. We don’t own and have no control over such gambling platforms. When you decide to visit any of those gaming sites, you undertake the following points:
  1. That the jurisdiction you live in approves of online gambling activities and that such activities are not considered illegal;
  2. That you are above the age of majority when attempting to make use of online gambling activities;
  3. That you have gathered information on all legal constraints and requirements that can apply to you in your residence area;
  4. That you have read, approved, and undertaken to abide by all terms and conditions of the gaming operator;
  5. That you are aware that certain online gambling activities can lead to loss of the money you play with or bet on the gambling site.




It is your obligation to keep personal data confidential. All actions that take place under your account are your responsibility, too. You hereby undertake to indemnify, defend, and hold us, our directors, agents, representatives, officers, employees, contractors, and other authorized users, harmless from and against any damages, losses, liabilities, and expenses. This indemnification relates to actions, lawsuits, and other proceedings arising in relation to the Site and your use of the Site and its materials, products, or data. You will do your best to cooperate with us in defense of any such claim.

Complaint Procedure

If you have grounds to believe that our content violates your intellectual property or other rights, please inform us with a detailed message through the contact form. Make sure to include personal details, contact details, and the nature of your complaint. We will do our best to settle the issue as quickly as possible. If you misrepresent any information, you may be held liable for inflicting damages.

Changing the Terms

CasinoDeps.co.nz changes and updates its terms and conditions from time to time. If you continue to use our Site after any amendments to the Terms, we assume that you accept the alterations. And you will be obliged by the altered terms. Any changes will apply as of the date of their adoption. Hence, it is the sole responsibility of users to check whether there have been any changes to the Terms & Conditions since their last visit to the Site. We advise you to consult our Terms on a regular basis.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content available on our website is protected by copyright. We strictly forbid copying, reposting, and sharing such content on other sites or blogs. You undertake not to alter or delete any of the materials published on the Site. You will not have the right to use or copy the content on our site without prior written consent. You may use our Site only in accordance with its Terms & Conditions. Further on, you don’t obtain any rights in the Site content or its trademarks.

Copyright Infringement

If you become aware of any copyright infringement, you should inform us in writing. Feel free to contact us via our e-mail or through the contact form. Please include your contact information and identify the material that violates copyrights so that we can locate it. Also, you must refrain from infringing our copyrights since you may be held liable for inflicting damages. You must state that you act in good faith and that all information you provide is accurate and trustworthy.