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Visa Casino NZ

Searching for NZ real money casinos that take Visa deposits in New Zealand? Easy job for CasinoDeps team! We have many offers for Kiwis as online gambling with Visa cards gained tremendous popularity among online gamblers from around the globe.

Moreover, Visa turned out to be one of the most used methods of payment because of several benefits NZ players get once making a deposit at Visa casino sites. Visa online casinos have the reputation as the most security guaranteed payment method with its 100% account number privacy, well-guarded account passwords, unique fraud prevention policies, personalization, and a lot more. Check these leading Visa casinos here:

  1. Genesis Casino - Top Brand in New Zealand
  2. Casino Joy - Attractive Visa Bonus Offers
  3. Gate 777 Casino - Accepts Kiwi Players
  4. Vegas Kings Casino - Best Site in May 2024
  5. Twin Casino - Big Choice of Online Pokies
  6. SkyCity Online Casino - Focused on NZ Players
  7. Wheelz Casino - Takes Visa & Alternatives

The Best Online Casinos that Accept Visa Deposits in May 2024

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Online Gambling with Visa Card Casino

Many trusted casino sites use Visa cards as one of the most reputable methods to withdraw or deposit money. Besides, there are more than 80% of gambling sites accept Visa cards as a primary billing method. Visa online casinos consider Visa one of the best means to transfer money electronically with the help of a variety of Visa cards practically everywhere in the world. About the diversity of Visa cards you will definitely want to know more. So, follow up!
  1. Credit card In 21st century the term “credit card” does not sound unfamiliar, but the opposite. Visa credit casino had become extremely competitive in comparison to other online casinos that accept credit cards and not by accident. Visa credit cards allow to get extra money when you are running out of your savings, supply you with security and convenience.
  2. Debit card One of the main reasons why gamblers prefer this form of payment in online casino with debit card is because of the fact that debit cards are pretty easy to get in every bank, no need to wait long for the card or stay in the long line trying to get a debit card. Also, debit cards are considered to be a little safer than credit cards as they are highly protected from fraud attacks.
  3. Virtual card Casino This innovative method of billing gained crazy popularity over the past 16 years. The key feature of Entropay casinos is that they are lifesavers when neither credit or debit card is possible to use on the particular website. What is more, virtual card casinos use reliable security systems to prevent fraud.
  4. Prepaid card Prepaid Visa card online casinos also offer a wide variety of prepaid cards available for those who have no opportunity to arrange credit or debit card to pay on gambling platforms. In addition to it, you can manage your spending, pay online, make fast deposits and withdrawals and many other benefits with Visa prepaid cards.
  5. Gift card The first thing that comes into your mind if to think about gift card is that someone gave it to you as a gift and you may get additional money for your own expenses. And in this case, you could easily use it for playing casino online, primarily for using a new nicely designed card for deposits in online casinos that accept visa gift cards.
  6. Electron If your credit history wishes to be better, or if your credit card is not available for paying on the online gambling platform, or any other trouble happened, there is no need to be worried. Visa electron casinos are here to help you by offering a new debit card alternative. Electron Visa cards are great for those who cannot use their credit cards, but still have a certain amount of money needed for gambling at a time.


Using Visa for legal online casinos does not sound like something new today as Visa cards are deemed to be a standard payment system in the majority of countries in the world. This was achieved firstly because of the reputation gained through many years of working with its clients. As a result, Visa cards are known as a reliable and trusted billing method, which has strong fraud protection, fortified personal data system and a wide range of services available for its users.
  1. Integrated to most of NZ online casinos. As many other means of payment, Visa opens the possibility to use its cards in numerous NZ online casinos. Apart from this, you can use the same Visa card for $5 casino deposit at the same time and be sure that your personal data will be secured and will not leak out anywhere in the Internet.
  2. Significant payment limits. Despite the fact that Visa cards have dozens of paying options for money transactions in new casinos online, many of them still have some limitations. As an example, casino sites that accept Visa may have restrictions for the sum of money you would like to deposit or will have a fixed amount of money you can withdraw after the winning.
  3. Mobile payment apps friendly. One of the newest features is the option to process payments through mobile apps. If before you had to launch the web version to deposit money online, now you can easily do it with a new Google Pay casino application. As an alternative, there is also an updated Apple Pay casino app if you are using the iOS device.
  4. Fast payments with Visa Checkout. The desire of online casino payments to be less time-consuming and less confusing for their consumers led to the new Visa feature – Visa checkout. Along with the fast Visa checkout casino deposits, you also get the accessibility from different devices synchronized with each other, great option for shopping online and 100% security.
  5. Pay with local currency. Have decided to travel across the ocean, but still do not want to give up playing? Not a problem. Pay with local currency with Visa. NZD online casinos are not limited these days to one currency, choose the one you prefer, no fees applied, all payments will be calculated accordingly.


Even though Visa supplies its users with one of the best services in the world, it is not ideal and there can be some disadvantages of gambling online with Visa card casinos. Many online gamblers already faced a couple of things which made Visa payments a little troublesome for some gambling brands. Let’s take a closer look at them and figure out what can be done to omit a negative experience with Visa billing operations.
  1. Longer duration of payouts. Unfortunately, it may take some time to be able to get a payout with Visa cards. While online deposits take less than 24 hours to be processed, most of the time online casino Visa card withdrawals can take a couple of days, depending on the bank the card was issued by.
  2. Some fees may be charged. A significant minnus of Visa casino payments is that some charges may be applied even if you just deposit $1 get free spins in New Zealand operators. Depending on what card you own, you may be billed annually for using the card, debit or credit one, it is all up to the bank. As well, during the withdrawal some additional fees may be charged.
  3. May not be available outside New Zealand. Alas, not all Visa online casinos are allowed to use Visa as a primary billing method of payment outside of New Zealand. Also, some shady online casinos will be forbidden to use Visa cards on their platforms. The point is that Visa have strict security demands for the websites it is used on and chooses only the most trusted ones.

How to Make a Deposit with Visa Casino Online

The process of online gambling with Visa card casinos is pretty simple. As a matter of fact, there will be multiple deposit money options in top paying online casinos to choose from. You can either use debit or credit card or use any online wallet system, or, as an option, you can use a gift card you got for your birthday recently. But today we would like you to dig deeper in the deposit process with Visa cards in particular.
  1. Choose your favorite brand from our top list. At first, you need to make a choice of the online casino Visa you would like to put the deposit on. A little earlier today we prepared an article with deposit any amount casino which could catch your eye, so have a look at it one more time and pick the one you prefer the most.
  2. Sign up and pick a Visa as a payment method. As it was mentioned before, in order to make a money deposit in the casino that accept Visa deposits you will need to choose Visa as your payment method among many others. Although, if you visit the particular gambling platform for the first time, you will need to sign up first and then pick Visa as a billing method.
  3. Type your Visa card details in and approve the transaction. To continue to the next and last step, you would be asked to type in the details of your Visa card in the special filed in Visa payment casino. In addition, some banks have double protection measures which will ask you to confirm the transactions through the mobile banking app, so keep this in mind.

How to Make an Online Casino Visa Withdrawal

What comes to the withdrawal process with Visa cards, you can face some hurdles on the way as sometimes the system will charge you for making a withdrawal or, if you are currently outside of New Zealand, easy withdrawal online casino can have some limitations as well. But, if to talk about the whole process of online casino Visa withdrawal in general, then it does not look complicated at all. Two steps only and you have your money.
  1. Visit the withdrawal section and type the cash amount for payout. To get the Visa casino withdrawal smooth and faster, we would recommend you to visit the section with the withdrawal transaction and find the field where they offer the amount of money you would like to get. Following that, type in the desirable amount and go to the next step.
  2. The money will be transfered to your card in some days. The next and the most important step on the way to get your money from winning is the waiting. Yes, unfortunately, Visa card online casinos can require a couple of days to process the information and get your money ready to withdraw.

Top Online Casino Visa Alternatives

Among various credit card casinos you can find many options, other than Visa cards, to use for your online gambling. What makes it an easy task, there is always the list of billing options on the online casino platform would could look through and compare all the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. To help you with that we would like to offer 3 the most popular online casino methods of paying.
  1. Mastercard Mastercard is the brand of credit and debit cards heard everywhere in the world. Giving the possibility to get bonuses for using its cards in Mastercard casino, well secured protection policies and multiple card choices are the key reasons why such a big amount of people have chosen Mastercard for online playing.
  2. Amex American express is also considered to be one of the most beloved methods of billing among igamblers worldwide. It is obvious that to get its users, Amex spent a lot of time and put a lot of efforts. In New Zealand, online casinos that accept American Express gained their popularity mainly thanks to the customer’s personal data protection and fast deposits.
  3. PayPal Another great option for the variety of money transactions on gambling platform is PayPal. Many people trust their money to PayPal as it has an excellent fraud protection plan for each player, gives the ability to perform money transactions in many countries of the world, have multiple currency option and so on and so forth.


  • What is Visa?

    Visa is the brand of payment methods which is widely used in online casino with highest payout percentage and is well known in a great number of countries throughout the world. Visa casino NZ is a convenient way to deposit money on your gambling account or to withdraw money you won playing.

  • Are Visa card deposits safe?

    Online gambling with Visa is recognized as one of the most reliable online billing options for online casino playing. As a matter of fact, Visa cards are allowed only on trusted gambling flatforms, have fortified system of saving personal data and received lots of excellent reviews from the customers over the last years.

  • Are there any fees and limits?

    It should be mentioned that Visa may apply additional fees for withdrawals in online casinos that accept Visa card. In addition to it, in order to protect its customers, Visa set up some money limits as well, but the amount is decided according to the bank policies, so make sure to check that out.

  • Can I withdraw via Visa card?

    Yes, sure thing, money withdrawals are available for Visa cards. With Visa withdrawal casinos the process usually takes minimum efforts and the money asked for withdrawal may be available for withdrawal in a couple of days, depending on the bank.

  • Are there any Visa casino bonuses?

    Good news – Visa casino bonuses are offered for new customers, who just started their gambling experience with Visa, as for instance, additional money for first online deposits. On the other hand, Visa remembers its long-term customers, giving additional bonuses for using Visa for certain amount of time.